The Surcon Philosophy




Surcon International, Inc. operates from a theoretical foundation that draws a causal link between employees' opinions of the culture of their organization and outcomes like job satisfaction, employee morale, productivity, customer satisfaction and the company's financial performance. This, in turn provides us with very specific information on the origins of the organization's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the results that the organization desires to change or maintain.

Many of the organizations for which we have developed employee and management surveys are either contemplating a significant change to their current culture or are already in the process of change. Our custom surveys provide valuable input before the change process has been initiated by identifying the attributes of the organization's culture that are producing strengths and which should be retained. Then, as change begins the data from our surveys helps the organization understand the impact that their cultural changes are having on employees' productivity, morale, performance, etc.





Framework Explanation

This flow chart (left) outlines the theoretical framework from which we develop and analyze our survey.

By grouping employee opinions in the manner described we will be able to determine which aspects of your organization's culture are producing the outcomes or results that you desire. Then, we will know what needs to be changed to correct problems that are identified AND retain those results which are strong. We find it useful to sort the employee opinions that we measure into one of five groups to conduct this type of analysis:

  1. Cultural Attributes of Organization
  2. Supervisory Leadership
  3. Work-Group Relations
  4. Soft Performance
    (e.g. Morale and Productivity)
  5. Hard Performance
    (e.g. Profit Margins and Employee Turnover)
Each group is related to the next and thus we consider that these groups are "connected" to each other.









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