The Surcon Approach To Employee Surveys




At Surcon, we believe that there is a causal link between employees‘ perceptions of their organization and that organization‘s success. So we develop comprehensive surveys that help us gain an understanding of these perceptions, as well as a clear picture of the organization in which they exist.

Types of Employee Surveys
Surcon offers two types of employee survey tools:

  1. a custom employee survey
  2. a standard employee survey

Our custom employee survey is designed to measure all of the unique elements of your company so that you can examine the total organization. Our standard survey, which is registered under the trademark JobPoll, is a pre-designed survey that measures 20 organizational concepts and contains 60 items.

Survey Administration Options
Surcon surveys can be administered via mail, on-site, or through the Internet.





The custom survey process is composed of five stages (see right):

  • Development stage, during which we learn your company‘s strategic objectives and design a survey tailored to measure your employees‘ opinions of the organization
  • Administration stage, Surcon Surveys can be administered electronically through the Internet/your intranet or by standard paper/pencil techniques.
  • Analysis stage, during which we analyze the collected data
  • Reporting stage, in which we meet with management to discuss the results and identify action steps that the organization can take immediately to help meet its objectives. Results from the survey are fed back to the client electronically through our reporting software medas.
    Click here to view a sample report:
    Sample Report (404 k)
  • Final feedback stage, during which we provide comments to your employees based on our findings.
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    Feedback Results (16 k)








    The standard survey process is composed of three stages:

    1. Development stage, during which we design a demographic section tailored to your organization.
    2. Administration stage, in which we collect the data from employees either electronically, via the Internet, or on-site.
    3. Reporting stage, in which we analyze the data and report the opinions of your employees.
    Click here to view a sample report:
    Sample Report (404 k)









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